Naughty Or Nice

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Our blog is an outlet for us to talk about whatever foodie/ restaurant subjects we are taking about in the restaurant, the first of which is the controversial Naughty&Nice Dessert option!

ll start from the beginning, Josef and i ate and drank whatever we wanted when ever we wanted in the first 8 years we spend together cooking, travelling and eating, healthy, free from or any type of alternative, including vegan, were of no interest to us, when we dined out at restaurants we always went for it, tasting menu with wines to match where possible, at home lots of sweet treats, frozen pizza at 1am and a hunk of stinky cheese after a 16 hours shift would have been normal.

Two things happened we had our daughter and i became obsessed with cooking for her, i did endless research on weaning and nutritional information for babies, it helped that she ate everything we produced so she was a joy to cook for. I even attempted to start a fresh organic baby food company.
Then my son came along and during my pregnancy i was diagnosed with gestational diabetes, so i had to go on a strict no sugar diet and i had to check my blood sugars several times per day.
I believe this to be the turning point for me it changed how i looked at processed foods and how my interest started with clean eating and alternative cooking, eating for health and nutrition as well as for pleasure.
Dessert is such an important part of the meal, so its a big challenge to keep inventing dishes that are dairy free, grain free and refined sugar free.
When i see our young chefs out of their comfort zone and challenged by these dishes i understand because i was that chef at that age, but when they see the positive feed back we get from our customers and they realise that its they way forward they embrace it and get on board.
We have had some people who have said just give me the sugar i need the sugar hit, but 95% of our customers say they love ‘nice’ option and could not choose which the preferred when they compared the naughty and nice desserts.
So for me thats success and it pushes me to keep it up and promote our alternate options to our customers, if you don't believe me come an try for yourself!!!